Market Drivers Analysis

Case Study: Understanding key market drivers at a granular level


A client wanted to understand the drivers behind the trends in beverages consumption in selected markets, including the effect of new product launches and demographics



We validated and integrated several sources of data, including retail audit and NPD tracking as well as socio-economic data. Correlation analysis was then carried out at different levels of market detail, such as pack type and size, to determine the key market drivers. The analytics and insights were then pulled into one data visualisation tool to be shared across teams.



The Benefits:

  • Helped the client understand what macro-factors are driving the trends in the market (e.g. demographics, GDP)
  • Gained visibility and understanding at a granular level, such as: what factors are driving trends in different pack sizes and formats, as well as between market segments
  • Provided inputs into NPD and innovation strategy: how should the client shape their innovation strategy based on these market and segment insights? For example, what should be the key packaging formats to focus on?
  • Guided further consumer insights research, resulting in better focused studies and more actionable insights