Power BI Dashboards

Case Study: Country and category screening to decide investment priorities


A client wanted to know where they should best invest resources for New Product Development, in a selected number of countries and categories



Internal and external data sources were assessed for reliability and consistency, and the best data sets were selected. After validation and data cleaning, Power BI dashboards were built which integrated:

  • Macro-economic data
  • Beverage category and company data
  • Retail audit data
  • Social media analytics
  • NPD data



The Benefits:

  • The client was able rapidly to assess which categories and countries offered the greatest volume and value growth potential
  • The client gained greater visibility and understanding of the key competitors and their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • They quickly got a view of social media sentiment on the sugar/obesity issue across countries and categories, thereby screening out markets with higher risk of failure due to negative consumer perceptions