Geographic Expansion Strategies

Case Study: Category insights to develop a set of market strategies


A client wanted to develop a set of market strategies for geographic expansion in the beer industry, identifying different country approaches depending on GDP per capita and the level of beer market development.



We validated the beer category data, and sourced GDP per capita data. We then used cluster analysis on these data sets to define four groups of countries across three continents, each cluster sharing similar market trends and levels of economic development. The input data and cluster analysis outputs were then pulled into one data visualisation tool to be deployed across the client teams.



The Benefits:

  • Helped to determine which market approach was likely to be suitable for each country, for example aiming to gain broad market share in mainstream beer versus focusing on building a presence in premium segments
  • Helped to predict how individual countries would progress in future, by identifying analogous markets
  • Enabled the client to spot growth opportunities within each cluster