Business Intelligence Workshops

Case Study: Improved data and insights within commercial teams


A client was reviewing its BI function, with the aim of optimising research budgets and improving the data and insights available across the commercial teams.



Iridium ran a two day BI and Data Science workshop, covering the following topics:

  • Data sources
  • Reporting tools (including demo on own data)
  • Data management
  • Analytics and insights (including demo on own data)
  • Resource planning



The Benefits:

  • We identified overlaps as well as gaps in the data and research sources at the client, and enabled the client to plan a more effective spend of their research budget
  • The client was provided with a shortlist of reporting tools to trial, with an assessment of their relative strength and weaknesses and suitability for the analysis and insights required
  • The current BI IT platforms were reviewed, and the client provided with advice on systems integration, data governance and roll-out strategies
  • We identified, explained and discussed the most relevant analytics techniques for the client, demonstrating how these should be used to create actionable insights
  • We assisted the client in planning the structure and skill sets required in their BI team, and helped identify all the key BI budget elements