Delivering meaningful insights into consumer trends that help you maximise your market opportunity and minimise risk.


See through the numbers

We take disparate data sets from across internal business sources and external resources and make sense of them. Through the application of technical, analytical and business intelligence expertise we can challenge and interrogate the numbers to provide empowering and illuminating insights in user friendly and effective formats. Our industry knowledge applied to the data is what delivers strategic advantage for our clients and makes Iridium unique in the data analysis market.


Our Solutions

Meaningful insights to provide long term strategic advantage

Varying data sources across multiple markets, incomplete or missing data and limited analytical resource can all impair strategic decision making. Our pedigree in global FMCG markets, analytics and data management can provide the visibility and insight you need.


Industry Insight

What our clients say

"Iridium was a fantastic part of our team, collaborative and responding quickly to our needs, particularly against a tight timeline. Their analytics and secondary research capability helped us deliver insights that resonated well amongst broad stakeholders at different levels of the organisation."

Kay Oh, Global VP, Insights, AB-Inbev

"Iridium was integral to our team: their analytics capability plus in-depth industry knowledge was key to delivering a successful consulting project."

Mark Meek, CEO – IWSR